Our Vision

Our vision is to reverse the opioid epidemic in the state of Arkansas.

Our Mission

American Hope and Health Clinics provide comprehensive and compassionate treatment for Arkansans struggling with opioid and alcohol addiction. We believe every patient is unique and different treatment work for different people. We have a “whole patient” approach!

About Our Program

What to Expect

We take pride in ensuring our patients have all the resources they need to be successful in recovery. It takes courage to face the disease of addiction. At American Hope and Health clinics, our experienced team of caring Peer Support Specialists, Counselors, and Physicians will work together with you to give you the tools and support you need to reach your goals.

Treatment Management

We understand that our patients are busy individuals and are keeping up with school, work and family. American Hope and Health offers personalized treatment for every patient. Our Medication-Assisted Treatment program eases withdrawal symptoms and curbs cravings. We also assist with sober living options, relapse preventions and transportation to and from your appointments, if needed.

No Stigma

Our team understands that the disease of addiction doesn’t discriminate. We make sure that your treatment is completely private. We take additional measures to be sure that your treatment is handled delicately and sensibly.

Commitment from Our Patients

Our goal is for you to succeed in treatment. All we ask of you is to make the commitment for your recovery and we will be there along the way to assist you in any way we can. American Hope and Health is dedicated to you and your recovery journey.

This place is one of the best maintenance treatment clinics I’ve ever been to! I had just recently moved here from another state, up north, and they were quick to get me in the door and get the ball rolling so that I didn’t lapse in my medication and go through withdrawal. The staff is friendly and kind and always willing to work with you and whatever situation you may have. They are always quick to help me with anything I need and their program is amazing and one of the best I have ever gone to! The doctor Terry is the best! They all keep it real here, they make you feel comfortable enough to be honest about recovery and the things that come with being in recovery. Also, it’s never crowded, I’m always in and out within 30 minutes, unlike most places being an all day trip. I’m so glad I came across American Hope and Health and I look forward to continuing my treatment with them!

Christine Johnson

Take Back Your Life’s Journey Today

If you or a loved one is suffering from opioid addiction, we are here to help! At American Hope and Health Clinics, we offer you support and personalized treatment to overcome opiate addiction. Give us a call at (866)401-4673 (HOPE) – to learn more about our treatment programs and get started on your road to recovery.